Mar 12, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Ronald Koster Jr. - LPN
Charlee Bensoon - RN
DeAyana Cota - Task Aide
Shealy Hezelton - Task Aide
Courtney Baker - Food Service Attendant

RiverLedge Residence
Lori Lumbard - Personal Care Aide

Kathleen Richards - Office Tech
Rhiannon Crump - RN
Dylon Anson - Task Aide
Brooke Walrath - Task Aide

United Helpers Home Health Services
Alicia Fontan Santiago - Home Health Aide
Andrea Mason - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Management Company
Alan Hebert - Maintenance II (Housing)

Flackville Road IRA
Nancy Jacobs - DSP

Mosaic Day Habilitation
Debra Moody - DSP

Mar 5, 2018

United Helpers Aids Canton Woman in Returning to Her Feet

Leslie Clark works with United Helpers Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center Physical Therapy Assistant Jena Cryderman during a recent therapy appointment. 

CANTON – It was a typical autumn day in the horse barns. People were feeding horses and cleaning stalls when suddenly one of the women working in the barn fell while going over a fence inside the barn.

Leslie Clark, a retired school psychologist said she cleared the fence without any problem, the problems came on her landing.

“The jump was great, but then I hit the ground, and said, “This is bad, somebody call 911,” Ms. Clark recalled as she was wrapping up a recent physical therapy appointment at United Helpers Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Canton. 

The bad landing resulted in a fracture of her tibial plateau. Ms. Clark explained that the tibial plateau is the flat part on the top of your shin bone and an essential part of how your knees operate.

She then spent the next month and a half recovering from her injury and waiting to be well enough to begin attending physical therapy.

“I came here as soon as I could,” Ms. Clark said. “When I first came in I was non-weight bearing. I couldn’t even lift my leg. I really had to start from ground zero.”

Physical Therapist Megan Morrison conducted an initial assessment of her injuries, and Ms. Clark said that proved to be an eye opening experience.

“Megan first assessed me when I came in and that was a real revelation as to how far I had to go,” she said.

Progress came quickly though, and Physical Therapy Assistant Jena Cryderman said that’s thanks in large part to Ms. Clark’s work ethic and approach to therapy.

 “I definitely don’t have to worry about her cheating on her exercises,” Ms. Cryderman said, to which Ms. Clark replied, “When you can’t walk for 12 weeks, that’s plenty incentive to get better.”

When Ms. Clark began physical therapy in November she was coming three days a week, but eventually the number of appointments was reduced to twice per week.

“I’ve been trying to think of some words to describe my experience here and the one that keeps coming to mind is encouragement,” Ms. Clark said. “When you first come in, it’s kind of like a deer in the headlights moment, but they make therapy fun, which is important, because it can be kind of scary.”

When asked if she would recommend Maplewood to others in need physical therapy, she said she would, noting it’s important for people to know they have a choice of where to go for physical therapy.

“Every week I have been here I have seen progress, both physically and emotionally,” she said. “If you need therapy this is where you want to be.”

Another selling point for Ms. Clark was the fact she can return to use the exercise equipment at Maplewood, even when her therapy is complete.

For more information on therapy services at Maplewood, contact (315) 386-4541. For therapy services at RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Ogdensburg, contact (315) 393-0730. You may also like United Helpers on Facebook or visit

Feb 23, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Mindy Taillon - LPN

Clarisa Davis - Food Service Attendant
Nelson Holmes - Food Service Attendant
Taylor Smith - Task Aide
Brooke Demmon - CNA
Wendy Dorion-Labelle - LPN

United Helpers Management Company
John Newvine - Maintenance II (Housing)
Sesadtian Horton - Maintenance II (Housing)

Pleasant Valley IRA
Kylee Carkner - DSP

High Street IRA
Myrinda Fishbeck - DSP

Flackville Road IRA
Hailey Measheaw - DSP

Supportive Case Management
Nicole McCarthy - Care Manager

Feb 12, 2018

Maplewood Residents Enjoy Visit with Dogs

CANTON – Each day dozens of visitors stop by to see their loved ones at Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center. Most of those visitors are coming to visit with a resident or two, but last week Maplewood welcomed a pair of guests who were there to visit with anyone willing to give them a pat on the head. 
Mildred Remington pets Ben, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees
during his recent visit to Maplewood.

 Ben, a 150-pound Great Pyrenees and Lilly, an 80-pound Great Pyrenees/Lab mix were accompanied on their visit by their owners, Joseph and Debra Finnegan of Madrid, who have brought the dogs to Maplewood several times since this past summer.

“We started this back in July after Joe had his knee replacement,” Mrs. Finnegan said. “The residents absolutely loved them.”

Mr. Finnegan, who spent a week at Maplewood following his surgery, said the first time his wife brought Ben in for a visit, he could see that people really enjoyed having an animal around.

“There was one gentleman who wasn’t doing so well, but as soon as he saw Ben, he perked right up,” Mr. Finnegan said.

Ben and Lilly made their most recent visit to Maplewood on Wednesday, visiting residents in both the rehab and skilled nursing units.

“The joy dogs bring us is a wonderful thing,” said Karen Gonyea. “This is pretty good therapy.”

Another woman who spent some time with Ben and Lilly was Sandra Davis. “This has made my whole day,” she said.

Rita O’Connor enjoys a moment with Lilly, a three-year-old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix who visited Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center last week. The dog’s owners, Joseph and Debra Finnegan began bringing Lilly and another dog, Ben to Maplewood when Mr. Finnegan was there following knee replacement surgery.

Feb 8, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Glenn Duggert - Task Aide
Gary Gilbert - Task Aide
Jorden Kennerson - Task Aide
Lily Fassett - Food Service Attendant
Joyce Harper - LPN

RiverLedge Residence
 Julie Lyman - Personal Care Attendant

Rhiannon Dunn - Task Aide
Michelle Harriman - LPN
Bianca Grewal - RN

United Helpers Management Company 
DeThomas Bennett - Maintenance Coordinator (Housing)
James Shaw - Maintenance II (Housing)

Lisbon IRA
Rachel Brenno - DSP

Jan 30, 2018

Retired Nurse Pleased With Care At United Helpers Maplewood Campus

CANTON – As a retired nurse and someone who spent most of her adult life working in health care, RoseMary Crupi, of Canton knows a thing or two about quality health care, and she said that’s exactly what she received at Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center. 
RoseMary Crupi

In 2016 Ms. Crupi had her right knee replaced. She spent two weeks in the rehab unit and continued with outpatient physical therapy for “several months.”

After recovering fully from that surgery, she then had, in 2017, her right hip replaced spending five more weeks in the rehab unit.

“If someone asked me for an opinion, I would say, “go there,’” she said. “They were not only competent, but they were kind and caring. They impressed me with their kindness and empathy. A lot of people who work in health care don’t always do that.”

Admittedly Ms. Crupi can get emotional at times, but she said through her whole time at Maplewood, she was never made to feel embarrassed or like she was in the wrong.

“I’m a bit of a wuss but whenever I would cry from the pain someone would be right there,” she said, mentioning specifically physical therapy assistants Jenna Cryderman and Stacie Jessmer, as well as physical therapists Brittany Wieszczyk and Elizabeth Foster.

Ms. Crupi’s second stay at Maplewood included some medical complications, which she said weren’t anyone’s fault.

“You know your own body better than anyone and when I told them something wasn’t right, they listened,” she said, surmising that may not always be the case elsewhere.
“When a patient says this is not normal and there is something wrong, people need to listen and they did,” she said.

In addition to being pleased with the therapy staff, Ms. Crupi said the nursing care she received during her two stays was also impressive.

“I met some really terrific aides,” she said. “There was one young woman, “Trish” (Patricia Kerr) who would literally give you the shirt off your back. What she does for patients is amazing.”

Ms. Crupi then talked about the Nancy Delorme, a nurse who worked day shifts on the rehab unit.

“On my discharge day I wasn’t able to walk as well as I would have liked and when the ambulette came to pick me up they only brought one guy,” she recalled, realizing she was going to need the assistance of two people to get out of the vehicle and into her home.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to go home and I started to cry,” she said. “Nancy very calmly told me, ‘Hold on, I’ll take care of this.’ She then went and grabbed Curtis (Legault). He’s one of the maintenance guys now, but he used to be a CNA. They made sure I was able to go home that day and he made sure I was able to get settled at home.”

Looking back at her own career, Ms. Crupi said the staff at Maplewood acted just as she would have wanted her own employees too.

“I used to train LPNs and I always taught them to act as if the person in that bed was their own mother or father,” she said. “The staff there cares about you as a person and not just a room number and that matters.”

For more information on therapy services at Maplewood, contact (315) 386-451. For therapy services at RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Ogdensburg, contact (315) 393-0730. You may also like United Helpers on Facebook or visit

Jan 28, 2018

Great Gardeners!

Maplewood gardeners were among the winners of the 2017 United Helpers Sustainability Garden Contest. Pictured from right to left: Brenda Jones, representing the Sustainability Committee, with gardeners Gail Butler and Linda Whitton. Maplewood took second place honors in the Most Bountiful Garden category.