May 15, 2019

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care in Ogdensburg
DeAyana Cota - Task Aide
Raymi Dupuy - Task Aide
Brittany Kappes - Task Aide
Brooke Snyder - Task Aide
Crystal Spicer - Task Aide

United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care in Canton
Chloe Eggleson - Task Aide
Maigen Stiles - Task Aide
Shelby Blackmer - Food Service Attendant
Ronald Gravelin Jr. - CNA

United Helpers Management Company
Andrea McDonald - Office Tech

Behavioral Health Clinic
Tara Beckstead - Office Manager
Ashley Clover - Mental Health Counselor

James Murray - Laborer

Pleasant Valley IRA
Airiana Vanatter - DSP

Cherry Street IRA
Jessica Smith - DSP

Bernard Ave. IRA
Dario Hernandez - DSP

Rensselaer Falls IRA
Richelle Mann - DSP

Flackville Road IRA
Kyra Villnave - DSP

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Bryanna Tulip - DSP

Health Home (Supportive Case Management)
Dallas Bastien - Care Manager
Calli Ellis - Care Manager

May 13, 2019

United Helpers Announces Company Rebranding & Always Caring Tagline

OGDENSBURG – Along with operational changes to make things easier for both its current and future customers and employees, United Helpers today announced the launch of a rebranding campaign that will place more emphasis on the well-known and established United Helpers name.

Skilled Nursing Facilities in both Canton and Ogdensburg, formerly known as Maplewood and RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center are now United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care. 

Behavioral Health Services, as well as care for those with developmental disabilities provided previously under the Mosaic name are now United Helpers Behavioral Health and Life Skills.

The organization’s Independent Senior Living Facility, previously known as Partridge Knoll is now United Helpers Independent Senior Living.

“These changes are the result of multiple customer and employee surveys, nearly two years of research, and work by our administration and marketing department in partnership with Cathy Rubino-Hines and Glenn Clark of the Marketing Collaborative,” said United Helpers CEO Stephen E. Knight.

“Employee and customer surveys revealed that while people generally recognized the United Helpers name and associated us with quality care, very few people were actually aware of the full range of services we provide. It was important for us to simplify our messaging and access to services for the more than 2,500 we serve every day,” Mr. Knight said.

As part of the rebranding process, United Helpers also unveiled “Always Caring,” as the organization’s new tagline.

“The words, ‘always caring,’ perfectly sum up United Helpers’ mission and are a reflection of what we strive to achieve with each and every person we serve, every day,” Mr. Knight said, noting that you will begin seeing and hearing that phrase as part of United Helpers advertising and marketing efforts as soon as this week.

“No matter the service you receive from United Helpers you can rest assured that the quality of care you are receiving will not be impacted. Our skillful and caring employees are the backbone of our organization and that will not change,” Mr. Knight said.

A 90-second video explaining the changes can be viewed at

“We are grateful to both Ms. Hines and Mr. Clark for their work and insight over the past two years,” Mr. Knight said. “Their dedication to this project has undoubtedly put United Helpers in a better place moving forward for many years to come.”

May 9, 2019

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care in Ogdensburg
Joseph Debyah - Task Aide
Patrick Devlin - Task Aide
Katie Slate - Task Aide
James Ellard - Maintenance II
Kylynne Roberts - LPN

United Helpers Rehabilitation & Senior Care in Canton
Brittney Bassett - Task Aide
Erin Chapin - Task Aide
Makenzie Guyette - Task Aide
Stephanie Miller - Task Aide
Brianna Bassett - Food Service Attendant
Carlie Whitman - Food Service Attendant
Caprice LaDue - Cook
Steven Potvin - RN

Lisbon IRA
Tanner Massic - DSP

Flackville Road IRA
Cody Pearson - DSP

Apr 25, 2019

Lisbon Senior Looking Forward to Returning To Work Following Rehab at United Helpers

OGDENSBURG – This past winter when Roger Shoen slipped on some ice and broke his leg, he was not worried about whether or not he would walk again, rather Mr. Shoen said his main concern was whether he would be able to return to work.

Mr. Shoen said he was in the middle of his route delivering prescription medication for a local pharmacy when he fell on the ice outside Belmont Courts in Ogdensburg. Luckily, he had his grandson with him. 
Physical Therapist Brett Amo looks on as Roger Shoen exercises 

“I yelled for help and my grandson came to pick me back up. A woman who lives in one of the apartments came to her door too and asked if I wanted her to call the rescue squad, but I told her no. ‘I said this ice is too cold, I’m not going to lay here and wait for an ambulance,”’ he recalled.

With the help of his grandson, Mr. Shoen said he was able to make his way back to his vehicle. He then finished his shift before going to the hospital.

“I got back to the van and thought, this doesn’t feel too bad, I might as well finish my shift,” Mr. Shoen said, explaining he drove from house to house, sending his grandson to the door with each person’s medication. “I worked for two hours before going to the hospital.”

Once at the hospital though, Mr. Shoen said his suspicions were confirmed, “I knew I broke my leg because I heard it snap,” he said. Following surgery and his release from the hospital, Mr. Shoen spent the next five weeks at RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Ogdensburg.

“Nobody can say anything bad about this place,” he said. “The nursing care and therapy I received were perfect. I would recommend them to anyone for a long-term or short-term stay.”

Mr. Shoen’s stay included both occupational therapy and physical therapy.
Occupational Therapist Alycia Dezell said that when Mr. Shoen first arrived at RiverLedge she helped him regain the strength needed to bathe and get dressed on his own. Noting that he enjoys cooking, Ms. Dezell said they also spent a lot of time working in the kitchen located in the therapy suite.

Following his discharge, she continued seeing him on an outpatient basis. “When he started doing outpatient therapy, he was still using adaptive equipment (occupational therapy tools designed to assist with everyday tasks, such as putting on socks), but he wanted to stop using those,” she said. “Now he’s back to doing everything on his own.”

“The fact that I was able to continue seeing the same therapist after being discharged was great,” he said.

Physical Therapist Brett Amo also worked with Mr. Shoen, noting when your outpatient and inpatient therapy are in the same place, recovery can be just a bit easier.

“He was already set up for outpatient before he even went home. It was a seamless transition, and that’s not something everybody can offer,” Mr. Amo said.

Mr. Shoen has also expressed an interest in continuing to exercise at RiverLedge, even following the conclusion of his therapy.

“I thought that was something I would have to pay for, turns out I don’t. That’s one of the benefits they extend to their patients,” he said.

As for Mr. Shoen’s work plans, he said he has returned to his delivery route on a substitute basis and is planning to drive taxicabs a few days per week.

“It’s not like I’m starving or anything, but I like to keep busy. To me, work is my hobby and United Helpers has helped me get to a place where I can continue doing what I love,” he said.

For more information on therapy services at RiverLedge in Ogdensburg, contact (315) 393-0730. For information on therapy services at Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Canton, contact (315) 386-4541. You may also like United Helpers on Facebook or visit

Apr 19, 2019

United Helpers Hosting Defensive Driving Course

OGDENSBURG – United Helpers will be hosting a New York DMV approved National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in the Staff Development Training Room at the Mosaic Complex, 100 Ford St.

The class serves as a refresher course for drivers of all ages and includes safe driving tips and an overview of today’s vehicle and traffic laws.

Successful completion of the class makes attendees eligible for a mandatory insurance premium reduction of up to 10% for three years on the base rate for their automobile or motorcycle insurance premiums, provided you are listed as the principal operator. Participants may also be eligible to have up to a four points removed reduction with the NYS DMV. The class may be taken once every 18 months for point reduction.

The cost of the class is $30, payable in cash, check or money order made out to United Helpers Care, Inc.

Please bring your driver’s license with you to class.  It is a requirement that you have it with you for documentation purposes.

Advanced registration is required. To register please contact Mark Darou at (315) 394-6702 ext. 303 or

Apr 8, 2019

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Jordan Woodside - Nurse Practioner
Aliza Armstrong - Registered Nurse
Jaime Ashley - CNA
Erin Severance - CNA
Carley Lovely - Task Aide
Samantha Mokshefsky - Task Aide
Alex Shanko - Task Aide
Nicole Whitmarsh - Task Aide

Shauna Horner - LPN
Beth Brown - Task Aide
Crystal Klimowicz - Task Aide
Joseph Mack - Task Aide
Meaghan Mauer - Task Aide
Savannah Paquin - Task Aide
Jarrett Phillips - Task Aide
Anthony Snyder - Task Aide
Amanda Flanagan - Food Service Attendant
Peggy Mitchell - Food Service Attendant

United Helpers Home Health Services
Roxanne Longtin-Pierce - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Management Co.
Joseph Sharpe - Maintenance II

Cherry Street IRA
Jamie Thompson - DSP

Rensselaer Falls IRA
Charlene Arquitt - DSP

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Michelle VanGorden - DSP

Supportive Case Management
Michelle Roberts - Case Manager

Apr 1, 2019

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Whitney Bernier - Registered Nurse
Jodi Ferris - Task Aide
Elizabeth Rathbun - Task Aide
Brittney Snyder - Task Aide
Rachel Smith - Task Aide
Andrew Wilson - CNA

Krystalyn Latray - Task Aide
Adam Measheaw - Task Aide

Paul Bouchard - Laborer

Cherry Street IRA
Gabriel LaFleur - DSP

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Dawn Devanney - DSP
Jadelynn Hitchcock - DSP
Arielle Richards - DSP