May 23, 2018

Physical Therapy at RiverLedge Helps Lisbon Man Live Pain-free Life for First Time in Years

OGDENSBURG – For the second time in his life, Bryan Flack, of Lisbon, has had knee replacement surgery on his left leg.

The first time came many years ago when he was in the military, with the second time coming this spring on March 12. 

“I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I thought I would be,” Mr. Flack said, adding he began outpatient physical therapy at United Helpers’ RiverLedge Health Care & Rehabilitation Center on March 19, one week after his surgery.

“On March 19 Megan asked me what my goal was and I only had one goal. I wanted to live a pain-free life,” he said, referring to Physical Therapist Megan Morrison, DPT. “I now believe I can get there.”

Even before his surgery, Mr. Flack said he’s been dealing with pain on the left side of his body for years, stemming back to his original injury.

“My thigh muscle and calf muscle were never quite rehabilitated and now I can feel those muscles getting stronger. I’m already ahead of where I was on March 11,” he said.

Mr. Flack said the key to his success has been listening the physical therapy staff and doing the recommended exercises at home.

“You have to listen to these guys, they know what they’re doing,” he said. “When they ask you if you’re doing your exercises at home, you can tell them you are, but they would know. You can’t put anything over on them.”

Physical Therapist Assistant Joseph Longshore called Mr. Flack an “ideal patient.”

“He was in a lot of pain when he came out of surgery, but he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do. He’s done his exercises at home and that’s made a world of difference. I’m just amazed at how far he’s come.”

Looking back on his first physical therapy appointment, Mr. Flack said he was nervous when he couldn’t even step up on a “four-inch step.”

“For the first month I was pretty discouraged, but then I turned a corner and if I hadn’t been doing what they told me to, I would have never turned that corner.”

Mr. Flack came to RiverLedge on the recommendation of his mother, who had therapy there following hip replacement surgery and he said, he’s now recommending therapy at RiverLedge to others.

“I work as a maintenance mechanic at OFA, and when Megan, Brett (Amo MPT) and Joe found that out, they crafted exercises for me that relate to what I do on a daily basis,” he said. “I’m definitely doing exercises and things this time that I did not do the first time around.”

For more information on therapy services at RiverLedge contact (315) 393-0730. For Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Canton, please call (315) 386-4541. Both locations offer prompt and flexible scheduling. You may also like United Helpers on Facebook or visit

May 11, 2018

Maplewood's Outpatient Therapy Receives Rave Reviews

CANTON - According to more than 50 recently completed satisfaction surveys, customers at United Helpers Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center are incredibly satisfied with the therapy and service they received there. 

Over the past few months, a total of 51 anonymous surveys were collected with 49 of the 51 participants rating their overall experience at the facility a 5 out of 5. The two others rated their overall experience 4 out of 5.

"If you need physical therapy this is the place to be," one participant said, with another commenting, "I was very pleased with all areas of the experience."

The survey included several categories in which discharged patients were asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-5.

Participants were also given the opportunity to leave additional comment for each question.

When asked about the competency of therapy staff 50 of the 51 respondents rated the staff 5 out of 5, with one person rating the staff a 4 out of 5.

"The therapists are all great at their jobs. They're all very knowledgeable," one participant said.

Another who completed the survey said, "The staff is wonderful and the time I spent here was well worth it."

When asked to rate the department's ability to see them in a timely manner and accommodate their personal schedules, each of the 51 respondents rated Maplewood 5 out of 5.

Physical therapy, of course can't happen without exercise equipment, and 50 of the survey's 51 respondents rated the facility 5 out of 5 in this category as well. One respondent gave a score of 4 out of 5.

Regardless of what brings patients to Maplewood, physical therapy is a lot of hard work, but according to survey participants therapy staff helped make the process as easy as possible.

"Everyone called you by name and treated you like they were your friend," one respondent said.

Another even called her therapy, "a pleasant experience with positive results."

For more information on outpatient therapy services at Maplewood, please call (315) 386-4541, visit or like us on Facebook,

May 8, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Ellen Green - General Practice Nurse
Mackenzie Lovely - Task Aide
Iris Prunes - Task Aide
Elizabeth Sovie - Task Aide
Penny Carlson - Task Aide
Carrie Recore - RN

Christine Couperus-Mashewske - RN Practitioner
Cristi Bush - RN
Julia Clifford - RN
Merrill Finnie - Maintenance II
Victoria McMahon - Task Aide
Susanne Weidner - Task Aide
Christina Blanchard - Task Aide
Shelby Dumas - Task Aide
Tina McCallus - Task Aide
Kimothy Patenaude - Task Aide
Tammy Phillips - Task Aide
Melissa Wilkinson - Activity Aide

Maplewood Assisted Living Program
Amber Brown - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Home Health Services
Shelby Kendall - Home Health Aide
Crystal Hartle - Home Health Aide

 Gayle Morrissey - Office Tech

Jason Moquin - Laborer
Connor Ward - Laborer
Barbara Schmidt - Laborer
Ronald Spears - Laborer

Pleasant Valley IRA
Brooke Rood - RN Nurse Manager

Rensselaer Falls IRA
Elizabeth McGinley - Program Leader

Lisbon IRA
Rachael Hamilton - DSP
Kiersten Harvey - DSP
Tessia Sabourin - DSP

Irish Settlement Road IRA
John Warren Jr. - DSP

Health Home (Supportive Case Management)
Breanne Snyder - Specialized Care Manager

Apr 9, 2018

Colton Woman's Nursing Career Began in High School

CANTON – Tiffany Mitchell, RN, of Colton said that for as long as she can remember she’s wanted to work in Home Health Care.

When asked why she chose this career path, Mrs. Mitchell said she wanted to be able to develop a relationship with her patients.

“I’ve always had an interest in home health care, even before becoming a nurse,” she said, noting that in 2012 while still in high school she began working for United Helpers at Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center as an activities aide. 
Tiffany Mitchell, RN

While still in high school and taking Health Careers at St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES, Mrs. Mitchell even earned her CNA certification and began working per-diem as a CNA at Maplewood.

Following graduation, Mrs. Mitchell said she attended SUNY Canton, ultimately graduating in 2015 with a nursing degree and becoming a RN. She then spent approximately six months working at Maplewood as an evening supervisor, before the opportunity arose to begin her career in home health care.

“I really enjoy that one on one time with patients and for the most part, I can set my own schedule,” she said. “Being able to have that time and form those relationships is something that other types of nursing do not offer.”

Now that she’s nearly two years into her career as a RN for Northern Lights, Mrs. Mitchell said she’s certain she made the right choice.

“I would recommend Northern Lights to any nurses out there looking for a job,” she said. “Giving people the option to recover in their homes is something that’s important to me,” she said, recalling an elderly gentleman, who became a patient after developing a foot ulcer.

“Doctors told him that his foot would need to be amputated,” she said. “But to him, that wasn’t an option. He told doctors he would rather die than allow them to amputate his foot.”

The gentleman, with no guarantees of success, instead elected for home health care and for two years, nurses from Northern Lights came to his home to care for the wound.

“I worked with him for about a year and during that time his wound healed and we were able to discharge him,” she said, adding stories like that show how rewarding a career in home health care can be.

For more information on Northern Lights Home Health Care and how you can start your career in home health care, please call (315) 714-3135, like Northern Lights on Facebook or visit

Northern Lights is owned and operated through a partnership that includes United Helpers, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center and Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley.

Edwards Man on the Road to Recovery Thanks to Northern Lights Home Health Care

EDWARDS – While recovering at home following a joint replacement surgery isn’t something that everyone can do, given the right circumstances Home Health Care can be a viable option.

Warren Lounsbury, of Edwards had knee replacement surgery on his left leg at the end of January and spent roughly three weeks under the care of Northern Lights at his home.

During that time, Mr. Lounsbury was under the care of Tiffany Mitchell, RN, Physical Therapist Sara Klock and Physical Therapy Assistant Chelsea Bill-Reed. He had nice things to say about each of the people he worked with.

“The care I received from Sara, who evaluated me initially, and then Chelsea was wonderful,” he said. “Not only were they highly professional, they also provided me with information and care in a warm and friendly manner which definitely facilitated in my post-surgical healing and enabled me to start getting back to normal.”

Mr. Lounsbury also had similar things to say about Mrs. Mitchell.

“Not only was she highly professional, she also has a warm and caring personality which definitely helped with my post-surgical healing,” Tiffany usually arrived on time, but if she was held up with another client, she would always call to let me know and make sure her new arrival time was acceptable. Her skills were exemplary and her poise and professionalism were a breath of fresh air.”

After three weeks with Northern Lights, Mr. Lounsbury is now receiving outpatient physical therapy with a provider close to his home, but he said if the need for home health care arises again in the future, he knows who he’ll call.

“I want to thank Northern Lights, and most importantly, Tiffany, Sara and Chelsea, for the wonderful care I received as a client,” Mr. Lounsbury said. “You should be commended on the high level of professionals you employ and if needed in the future, I will definitely request Northern Lights Home Health Care and recommend them to friends and family.”

For more information on Northern Lights Home Health Care, please call (315) 714-3135, like us on Facebook or visit

Northern Lights is owned and operated through a partnership that includes United Helpers, Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center and Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley.

Apr 5, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

William Bronner - Task Aide
Jordan Murdock - Task Aide
Sarah Waite - Task Aide

Carnie Keleher - Cook
Sarah Kolthoff - CNA
Chelsea Mayo - CNA
Adam Soller - Physical Therapy Assistant

Maplewood Assisted Living
Jamie Besaw - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Home Health Services
Arianna Simpson - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Management Company
 Paul LaFave- Maintenance II (Housing)

Cherry St. IRA
Valerie Scott - DSP

Lisbon IRA
Makenzie Senecal - DSP

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Michelle VanGordon - DSP

Health Home (Supportive Case Management)
Ashley Durham - Care Manager

Mosaic Day Habilitation
Carrie Denny - DSP

Mar 21, 2018

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Marie Barley - Laundry Aide
Brooke Parrow - LPN

United Helpers Home Health Services
Joy Facey - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Management Company
Jonathan Spooner - Maintenance II (Housing)

Mosaic Administration
Stacey Lytle - Office Tech

Behavioral Health Clinic
Lisa Decker - Billing Clerk

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Helen Johnson - DSP