Oct 17, 2017

Brabaw Honored With Life Improved Award

Dawn L. Brabaw, of Canton was recently honored with the Summer 2017 Life Improved Award. Ms. Brabaw, who works as an RN for the United Helpers ACT Team was nominated for the award by two of her colleagues with the team. From left, United Helpers CEO Stephen E. Knight, ACT Team Family Education Specialist Amy Chisolm, Ms. Brabaw and ACT Team Program Manager Nicole Kennedy. Both Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Chisolm nominated her for the honor.
OGDENSBURG – It has often been said that it takes a special kind of person to work in human services – patience, caring and understanding are all personality traits essential to finding success in that career path.

Dawn Brabaw, RN exhibits all those traits and more. 

Ms. Brabaw, of Canton, who works with the United Helpers ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team as its registered nurse was nominated for the Summer 2017 Life Improved Award by ACT Team Program Manager Nicole Kennedy and ACT Team Family Education Specialist Amy Chisholm.

“As the registered nurse on the team, Dawn is often the primary contact person for ACT recipients who have significant medical problems. She possesses highly desirable characteristics necessary for community treatment which include patience, empathy, optimism, persuasiveness, flexibility, good judgment and ‘street smarts,’” Ms. Kennedy said.

Prior to joining the ACT Team, Ms, Brabaw worked as a Hospice Nurse giving her valuable experience that is being put to use as the team is now working with a gentleman suffering from terminal cancer.

“She has gone above and beyond to meet his needs to assist with pain management and connecting with his providers for continuity of care,” Ms. Chisholm said. “She has been extremely helpful in helping us to work with him, as she has such a beautiful perspective on end of life.”

In addition to working for the ACT Team, Ms. Brabaw has also provided assistance to the staff at the Behavioral Health Clinic and served as a liaison of sorts between the team and other community agencies.

“She is often engaged with extended treatment teams outside of the United Helpers organization. She is instrumental in gathering information and knowledge from outside community programs and sharing her knowledge with those programs, as well as our team,” Ms. Kennedy said. “Dawn has a clear understanding of the major goal of ACT, which is to help clients live successfully in the community. Through her advocacy of the ACT program and her continued efforts to educate the community in regard to mental illness, she is not only a great contributor United Helpers, but our community as a whole."

The United Helpers Life Improved Awards were created in 2015 as a way to recognize employees who go above and beyond and exhibit the traits behind the organization’s Life Improved mantra. Awards are distributed in the winter and summer each year with employees being nominated for the honor by their co-workers.

Oct 6, 2017

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Tiffany Fredericks - Task Aide
Nicholas Green - Task Aide
Marcus Johnson - Task Aide
Darcy Kerr - Task Aide
Kaitlyn Lovely - Task Aide
James Ellard - Maintenance I
Amber Williams - Occupational Therapy Assistant

Arjay Divingracia - CNA
Cathy Newcombe - Housekeeper

United Helpers Management Company
Stephen Douglas - Maintenace II, Caretaker (Housing)

Rensselaer Falls IRA
Jason Reid - Maintenance II

Irish Settlement Road IRA
Matianne Kinche - DSP

Mosaic Day Habilitation

Amy Lalonde - Housekeeper/Office Tech

Sep 26, 2017

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Logan Bailey - Food Service Attendant
Carly-Mae Fiacco - Food Service Attendant

Phyllis Coffey - Food Service Attendant
Laura Newton - Food Service Attendant
Misti Bigwarfe - CNA
Tammy Myers - CNA
Ariel Lussier - LPN
Laura Williams - LPN

United Helpers Home Health Services
  Meghan Dobbins - Home Health Aide

United Helpers Management Company
Kevin Murray - Maintenance II (Housing)

Spruce Street IRA
Kelly Eaton - DSP

Sep 19, 2017

Maplewood Allows Potsdam Couple to Grow Old Together

CANTON – Over the past 70 plus years there has only been a few times that Carl and Evelyn Seymour have been away from each other for more than a few hours at a time.

One of those instances came while Mr. Seymour was in the Navy and another came more recently as Mrs. Seymour began battling health problems that led to hospitalizations and a move to Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center.

According to the couple’s son Glenn, Mrs. Seymour first came to Maplewood in November of 2016 for physical therapy. She then returned in January of 2017 for a rehabilitation stay before moving into building’s Assisted Living wing in March.

Mr. Seymour would then join his wife in Assisted Living in April where they were together until health problems forced Mrs. Seymour into the hospital and the skilled nursing wing upon her release.

“When mom went into the hospital one of our big worries was that she would have to go to a different facility and that was not a happy thought,” Glenn said.

The couple’s other son, Murray Seymour agreed.

“How do you describe it? After 74 years together they still have the ability to sit on the couch and fall asleep in each other’s arms,” Murray said. “At this point in their lives they couldn’t ask for anything better.”

While their time together in the Assisted Living wing was brief, the fact that their mother and father still reside under the same roof despite needing different levels of care isn’t lost on anyone in the family.

 “United Helpers went out of their way to put them together in Assisted Living,” Murray said. “If it wasn’t for mom falling, I believe they would still be together in the same room.”

Glenn and Murray both reside in Potsdam and said they’re fortunate to have a facility such as Maplewood just a short drive away.

“Eleven miles is nothing,” Glenn said. “Having mom and dad together just a short drive a way has allowed us to continue being a family.”

When asked what it means for them to still be together, both Carl and Evelyn had a difficult time putting it into words.

“It means everything,” Mrs. Seymour said, to which Carl replied, “You can’t put into words what it means.”

Glenn even called their family’s situation, “the ultimate success story in the aging process.”

Maplewood currently offers accommodations for those in need of Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care and Inpatient Physical and/or Occupational Therapy. Outpatient therapy is also offered.

To schedule a tour or to learn more, please call (315) 386-4541 or visit www.unitedhelpers.org.

Carl jokingly shows off a shirt that says, “Will Work for Bacon,” which he received as a gift from an employee at Arby’s in Potsdam. “I’ve been working for Bacon for more than 70 years,” he said, noting his wife Evelyn’s maiden name is Bacon.

Sep 11, 2017

Welcome New Hires

Please welcome the following new employees to the United Helpers family.

Valerie Lalonde - Laundry Aide
Nicholas Martin - Task Aide
Amberlyn Coney - CNA
Jamie Mitchell - CNA
Sandra Parrow - LPN

Autumn Baker - Food Service Attendant
Jessica Foster - Food Service Attendant
Taylor Whitmarsh - Food Service Attendant
Colleen Forsythe - Food Service Attendant
Jonathan Bassett - Activity Aide
Hannah Pfotenhauer - Activity Aide
Amy Deshane - Housekeeper/Laundry Aide
Brandie Matott - CNA
Brooklyn Parsons - CNA
Kimberly Clark - LPN
Jenna Towne - LPN
Emily Miller - RN
KAthy Laurel Mix - RN
Stephanie Regan - Physical Therapy Assistant

Basta's Flowers & Gifts
Michael Crowner - Delivery Driver

Cherry Street IRA
  Kelsey Smith - DSP

High Street IRA
Kerri Goble - DSP

Spruce Street IRA
Emily Basford - DSP
Whitney Warren - DSP

Flackville Road IRA
Anastazia Scalone - DSP
Mindy Sharpe - DSP

Aug 30, 2017

United Helpers Launching Running Analysis Service

OGDENSBURG – Are you a runner recovering from an injury, or do you experience pain when you run? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, perhaps a running analysis with United Helpers’ RiverLedge Outpatient Physical Therapy can help you return to the sport you love, minus the pain.

Runners of all ages are welcome to book their appointment with Megan Morrison, PT, DPT. Ms. Morrison will conduct an hour-long evaluation that includes filming running mechanics on a treadmill from the left, right and posterior angles. In some instances, runners may also be filmed from the front. 

Following a brief run, Ms. Morrison will analyze the footage and make recommendations that may lead to a reduction or even elimination of low back, leg, knee, ankle, or foot pain while running.

Recommendations may include adjustments to the runner’s stride, the way they land, or providing exercises to stretch or strengthen their core, hips, knees or ankles.

“It’s nice to be able to look at a runner frame by frame to identify impairments which could be causing them pain,” she said. “Even if it’s a really small thing, it can become compounded over time and throughout their training.”

Fees for the running analysis are $75 for the initial visit and $50 for follow-up visits for runners without a prescription for physical therapy.  Runners with a diagnosed injury and a physical therapy script may also have the cost of services covered in part by their insurance.

“Part of being a successful runner is learning how to read what your body is telling you,” Ms. Morrison said, adding that the frame by frame analysis and review that she’s able to provide can help runners do just that.

To schedule an appointment with Ms. Morrison, please call (315) 393-0730 extension 2154.

Aug 29, 2017

United Helpers Teaming Up with Community Broadcasters to Host Giant Corn Maze

United Helpers is teaming up with Community Broadcasters (ESPN Radio 1400, 95.3 The Wolf and 92.7 WQTK) to bring families in our area, the largest corn maze the North Country has ever seen!
Spread out over seven acres with more than 300,000 square feet of pathways the "1st Annual Community Corn Maze" at The Family Farm on Route 58 in Morristown (where many other fun activities, including a hay ride, will also be held) is sure to delight and amaze children, teens, their parents and even grandparents.
The corn maze will be open each Saturday and Sunday starting Sept. 2 through Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and to kick things off $1 from each admission this Saturday will be donated back to The Society of the United Helpers.

Community Broadcasters Operations Manager and 95.3 The Wolf On-Air Personality Tony Lynn hides behind the corn during a sneak peak of the Community Corn Maze last weekend.